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Why Anlex Hong Kong Work-Visa

99% Successful Rate

99% of clients appointed by Anlex can eventually obtain the Visa.

Experienced Company

We have successfully dealt with many situation in the visa application process.

Competitive Charge

We provide premium Visa Application service with a competitive price.

Type of Hong Kong Visas

Entrepreneurs Visa

Hong Kong has a special migration visa scheme called Entry for Investment for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to relocate to operate their own business in Hong Kong. This entrepreneur visa scheme is essentially a type of work permit that is issued to the owner of a business as an employee of his/her Hong Kong company.

Employment Visa

The Employment Visa is meant for persons who will be employed by a Hong Kong company and residing in Hong Kong. There is no official quota system limiting the number of Employment Visas that can be issued to a company. The Employment Visa can only be applied for after the person has secured an employment with a Hong Kong company.

Dependent Visa

The Dependant Visa is essentially a relocation visa for the immediate family members (spouse and unmarried children below 18 years of age) of foreign nationals who hold a valid Hong Kong visa for employment, investment, training or study in Hong Kong or who are permanent residents in Hong Kong.

HK Permanent Residence

If you have been granted a Dependants Visa and you have resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of at least seven years you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence, commonly referred to as “Right of Abode” in Hong Kong, subject to satisfying the requisite criteria

Application Criteria For Hong Kong Work Visa

To cope with the application for a Working Visa, there are several criterias:

An individual should have secured an employment/job offer before the visa application is submitted.

An individual should possess unique qualifications and relevant working experience that are not readily available in Hong Kong in order to fulfill the visa requirement.

An individual should be placed in a management level job position and the salary offered should meet with market rate.

The sponsoring company should be financial stable and healthy.

The sponsoring company should have local staff and office premises already been set up.

What Anlex Provides

  • Provide visa consultation service regarding to the documents required for work visa application

  • Prepare a tailor-made document checklist for the applicant

  • Complete all necessary Immigration forms for the applicant

  • Review and organize the documents in favor of immigration policy

  • Suggest alternative documents if the applicant is not able to get the listed documents

  • Reply on the applicant’s behalf to all enquiries and correspondences from Immigration Department

  • Submit the application to Immigration Department

  • Keep the applicant updated on the status of the application

  • Prepare and draft all letters required for submission to Immigration Department

  • Provide guidance on Hong Kong Identity Card application

Procedures of Applying Hong Kong Work Visa


Free Consultation and evaluation

Free consultation regarding the work visa application, advise the applicant and the sponsoring company on their alternatives and the likelihood of success.


Company supporting

Obtain the applicant/sponsoring company’s signature on the letter of engagement.


Deposit Payment

Obtain the deposit payment


Prepare for documents

Prepare a tailor-made document checklist for the application, complete immigration forms, drafts and letters and review the collected documents to ensure they are correctly presented.


Summit application to Immigration Department

Draft all letters required for submission and ongoing liaison with Immigration Department, follow-up with Immigration Department’s inquiries on the applicant’s behalf.


Approval and deliver the Visa

Accept the visa approval and collect the visa label from Immigration Department and deliver the visa to the applicant.


Application for Hong Kong Identity Card

Provide guidance on Hong Kong Identity Card application.

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